Learn & master concepts that are used daily in the veterinary field

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to calculate a conversion, dose, dosage, dilution, fluid rate, drip rate, CRI or caloric requirement for a patient during clinics or a busy day at work and felt at a loss or stressed?

All these topics and more are covered and explained step-by-step with practice problems and detailed, easy to understand solutions. A number of tables are also included in the back for quick reference.

If you need to get a medical mathematics book, why not get one written by a veterinarian who is also a mathematician? This book is perfect for pre-vet students, vet students, vet tech students, vet techs, vet nurses and vets.


  1. Algebra Review

  2. Weight and Mass Conversion

  3. Volume Conversion

  4. Temperature Conversion

  5. Heart and Respiratory Rates

  6. Drug Dosage

  7. Solutions and Dilutions

  8. Maintenance Fluid Rate

  9. Dehydration Fluid Rate

  10. Ongoing Losses Fluid Rate

  11. Total Fluid Rate

  12. Drip Rate

  13. Constant Rate Infusion

  14. mEq

  15. Energy Requirements

  16. Dry Matter

  17. Manual White Blood Cell Count

  18. Manual Platelet Count

  19. Packed Cell Volume and Blood Transfusion

  20. Urine Output

+ tables

  • Unit Conversion Factors

  • Estimated Normal Parameters

  • Route and Frequency Abbreviations

  • Fluid Rate - Maintenance and Fluid Deficit (Dehydration)
    (i) fluid deficit corrected evenly over 24 hours
    (ii) fluid deficit corrected evenly over 12 hours
    (iii) half of the fluid deficit corrected over the first 6 hours and remaining half over the next 18 hours

  • Estimated IV Potassium Supplementation Guideline

  • Urine Output

  • Energy Requirements

  • Constant Rate Infusion



We've helped thousands of students and professionals over the last 3 years, sharpening their skills and knowledge over social media, but having everything in one place, explained so precisely, has been a game changer for many more people. Here are a few testimonials that really warm our hearts!

"As a pre-vet student that is majoring on Biomedical Sciences (a major focused on human medicine) I have to look for resources outside of my classes to have a better performance when doing clinical work.

Even though the knowledge that I’ve learned through human medicine related classes has helped me understand medical cases better, there are some subjects (such as medical math) that are not on my bachelor’s degree. This is why I chose to make an investment on this book by Vetpocket “Medical Mathematics for Veterinary Professionals + Tables”.

This book has helped me understand medical math (the people that know me, know that I suck at math), has improved my skills and has made it easier to give fluid therapy and to calculate the right dose of medication for each patient at the clinic. I 10/10 recommend this book, for pre-vets that want to learn about medical math and how to apply it in the field."

Gabriela Medina, Pre-Vet (@dvm.medina)

"Before I started using Vetpocket’s Medical Math book, I was very insecure with calculating drug dosages, CRIs, solutions, etc and would spend a lot of precious time calculating over and over again, sometimes asking colleagues to double check me. Now that I have this golden book, I no longer have this problem, especially with calculating CRI’s!

The author does a great job providing in depth explanations so that you understand what you’re doing as opposed to just memorizing formulas. Bonus points for the plethora of practice questions!"

- The Modern Vet, DVM, MPH (@femmedusiecle)

"I already received the book which is really amazing! I want to thank you for all your efforts, time and experience spent in it. You really did something remarkable in our field."

- Karim R., DVM (@karimragab.911), Dubai, UAE
Veterinary Surgeon @
Harmony Vet Clinic

"Mathematics for Veterinary Professionals has been a wonderful resource for me to better treat my patients. I use the teachings in this book almost every day. I would recommend this book for any veterinary professional who is in school or who has been in practice for decades."

- Dr. Rachel L., DVM, Colorado, US



Our concise explanations and practice problems have been an invaluable resource for many students while learning medical mathematics.


It has been a great reference for vets and technicians to improve their medical math skills, build confidence and efficiency, and ensure accuracy when doing medical calculations.


Medical Mathematics for Veterinary Professionals + tables has now started to be adopted as part of school curricula.

It is perfect for both veterinary and veterinary technician programs for teaching in depth, step-by-step, medical calculations and covering a wide range of topics. Each chapter includes additional information beyond the mathematical aspect, helping solidify the topic covered. There are tables included in the book as well as a section for students to add their own personal notes, making it a perfect resource for students to take into practice with them and reference post graduation.

If you are an instructor, program director, dean or other faculty member and are interested in learning more and talking to us about how to get this book as a part of your curriculum or as a supplemental resource, please reach out to us.


Danelia de Kock, DVM, BS Math

Danelia de Kock is a doctor of veterinary medicine and a mathematician. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Arizona State University. She is also a co-founder of Vetpocket, a company that creates tools and educational material for the veterinary field.

Dr. de Kock was born and raised in South Africa. She has also lived in Zimbabwe, Canada, the US and Saint Kitts. She currently lives in the US with her husband and two children.